Safety Priority

Make the most of your rooftop space with the proven factor of safety offered by Wausau Tile’s Wind Uplift resistance system. We have the independent testing data to give you the peace of mind you want and the performance you need.

Rooftops have always presented an alluring opportunity as an added functional space, be it for al fresco dining, a chance to soak in the rays or any other variety of uses. But because many paving products are unable to withstand the duress of howling, powerful winds, rooftops often go to waste, especially in urban and coastal areas.

Savvy designers and builders know: With Wausau Tile’s innovative roof deck systems, there’s no reason to sacrifice rooftop space – or to worry about the security of our deck pavers. That’s because our two Lok-Down Systems which are specifically designed to resist wind uplift on paver installations on balconies, plazas and promenades.

Hidden Lok-Down System for Wind Uplift
Tested to Withstand -240 Pounds of Uplift Pressure

Create the perfect rooftop terrace, parking garage, roof plaza or pitched surface with Wausau Tile's Hidden Lok-Down System for Wind Uplift. Similar to our Lok-Down System for Wind Uplift, however this system utilizes a hidden plate which reduces visibility of the system for an aesthetic paver without limiting safety or security. The Hidden Lok-Down System for Wind Uplift is designed to resist wind uplift, tested to withstand -240 pounds of uplift pressure

Hidden Lok-Down System for Wind Uplift System requires the use of: the Hidden Lok-Down Unit, Terra-Tabs, and either the Terra-Stand or Waffle Reducer Hidden Lok-Down Plate with the choice of the paver, paver size, and thickness.

Lok-Down for Wind Uplift
Tested at Over 145 Miles/Hour

Our Lok-Down for Wind Uplift System is tested to withstand wind speeds of more than 145 miles per hour.
In short: our systems outperform competitors in rigorous testing, including full-scale tests that simulate hurricane conditions, and we have the data to prove it. Our Lok-Down System allows for precise alignment using Wausau Tile’s pavers, the only pavers with which the sophisticated system can be used.

Meanwhile, our Terra-Stand paver pedestal system helps you navigate the challenges of a pitched surface and is designed for roof deck applications, as well as on roof plazas, parking garages, roof terraces and more. Whatever your project’s needs, rest assured that Wausau Tile’s systems can help you make the most out of any rooftop.