Wausau Tile knows security. It’s the reason our architectural products can be found at such high-profile, high-security destinations as the U.S. State Department, professional sports stadiums, military facilities and more.

Nearly every day our team encounters requests to help deliver products that adhere to stringent security specifications. Requests range from simple vehicular traffic deterrents to more complex crash- and K-rated, ASTM certified and Department of Defense approved systems. These solutions are thoroughly tested and proven to perform, which you can see for yourself. Watch as a speeding truck meets the steel-reinforced backing of one of our many product offerings:

Our security, vehicle deterrent and traffic mitigation offerings run the gamut of our product portfolio, with capabilities that include:

  • Plastic, concrete or metal coverings for crash- and K-rated barriers, available in the form of bollards, benches or planters
  • Custom precast concrete walls
  • Precast concrete treads and risers, often employed outside buildings as a subtle vehicular traffic deterrent
  • Drawing, submittal, engineering and installation support

We take site security seriously, and it’s our business to help secure your sites with style. Contact our team to get started on securing your sites today.