Wausau Tile’s prices are in USD currency.

Wausau Tile’s products are proudly made in America and shipped from our Wisconsin manufacturing facility. Visit our Contact Us page to find a sales representative nearest you.

Absolutely. In fact, custom colors are one of our specialties. And our custom capabilities extend far beyond the color palette – contact us today to learn more about how we can bring your vision to life.


Approximately five to 10 days.

Approximately seven to 10 working days. If needed faster, please contact us at the factory at 800-388-8728.

  • S30 - 32 lbs
  • S31 - 42 lbs
  • S36 - 42 lbs
  • S41 - 42 lbs

(Same goes for precast concrete corresponding tread numbers with "C" prefix in lieu of "S")

Landing panels at 2" thick - 25 lbs per square foot.

Yes, we can custom make – we just need a paint chip color and we can make you a sample to match that once the job is ordered.

They are made from epoxy with silica sand added to it. The strips are directly applied to the top surface of the tread.


Sample kits are available by request or individual color samples can be ordered. We also have literature or product binders available.

Smaller quantities are shipped via common carrier and can ship direct to a jobsite or residence with liftgate service (if needed) and 24-hour delivery notice. Larger orders would be shipped on a flat-bed trailer and would require a fork-lift onsite for unloading, or in some cases, by our crane-equipped trucks.

Wausau Tile’s products are proudly made in America and shipped from our Wisconsin manufacturing facility. Visit our Contact Us page to find a sales representative nearest you.


Only a good idea if you are going for a contrasting look. Pavers have a back-mix for strength, so the face of the paver is all glass, which you can see. Custom "wet-cast" material has to have aggregate and sand in the mix along with the glass for strength. Thus, the exposed surfaces do not show but maybe 1/2 of what you see on the paver face.

Yes, with limits as well. Best match is the FDX & SX Type 3 series paver. GTX, or Exposed paver, looks will be different due to the process in which they are made. Custom precast will have large aggregate at the exposed surface with bigger gaps of matrix showing and this is uncontrollable. Paver exposure is very tight at the surface since it is pressed on a machine, pushing all that aggregate to the face of the paver.

Maximum thickness of our paver is 2 3/4". However, if a thicker unit is need for use as a coping or stair tread, we do offer custom precast concrete to match the pavers.

Yes, all of our pavers are made with the same physical specification and are manufactured for our pedestal systems.

Thickness is dependent on the overall size and use of the paver. If the paver is 12", 18" or 24" square they can be manufactured at 1 3/4" thick. If the unit is 30" square, minimum thickness is 2" – and if it is 36" square, minimum thickness would be 2 1/4" thick. These minimum thicknesses are only correct, however, when the pavers are solidly set in mortar, thinset or bituminous, or used vertically. If set on a loose system, such as sand set on pedestals, minimum thickness would increase by 1/4".

Custom Precast Concrete

Only if we have a purchase order for the job. We can send some standard tile or paver colors, but precast will vary a little from these colors. We can do a sample for a charge, that amount will be credited back if an order is placed.

Terrazzo Tile

Yes, we can match colors on concrete and on epoxy precast terrazzo and terrazzo tile.

No – our terrazzo tiles are provided factory sealed with a 3M hybrid sealer.

Per the TCNA handbook, our tiles are typically mortar-thinset to a concrete slab or wood subfloor similar to the installation of a ceramic or porcelain tile.

Our tiles consist of marble, glass, mother of pearl or mirror aggregate suspended in a cement matrix.

  • 11 13/16” X 11 13/16” X 1/2”
  • 15 13/16” X 15 13/16” X 5/8”
  • 17 13/16" X 17 13/16" 5/8"
  • 23 13/16” X 23 13/16” X 5/8”
  • 11 13/16" X 23 13/16" X 5/8"

*Tiles can be factory-cut to size or cut onsite with a masonry saw.

Cement-based is standard, but we offer custom tile in epoxy.