How to Choose Paver Colors: 5 Stunning Styles in 2022

A rooftop with glass railings and gray tile.

Wausau Tile - Quattro Series

When it comes to any design, color is important. The right color can enhance the personality of your living area, while the wrong one can make it feel claustrophobic.

When selecting a color for your patio, choose one that is in harmony with your project’s style and color scheme, fits in with your current landscaping and makes sense for how you'll use the space.

Choosing the Right Paver Color

Red and gray pavers in a circular formation.

Wausau Tile - Ballpark Village

What are the goals for the space you are designing? Consider non-tumbled pavers in a natural or gray tone with clean lines if you're adding patio pavers to your meditation garden and want a tranquil atmosphere. Would you like to add something bold?

Consider putting a pattern on your driveway or patio that will make a statement. There is a style and color that is perfect for you, whether rustic, modern or anything in between. Once you have considered the style, it is important to think about how color will affect the space. Dark colors can make a small space appear even smaller while light colors can make a space appear larger and more open.

Some other factors that you need to consider are:

  • The Color Of Your Home: If your home is white, you may want to use gray pavers to create a contrast. If your home is red brick, you may want to use red or tan pavers.

  • The Color of Your Roof: If you have a dark roof, you'll want to use light-colored pavers so the space doesn't feel too heavy. If you have a light-colored roof, you can use either light or dark-colored pavers.

  • The Color of Your Landscaping: If you have a lot of green in your landscaping, you'll want to use gray or tan pavers so the space doesn't feel too busy. If you have a lot of flowers, you may want to use brightly colored pavers to add a pop of color.

Once you've considered all these factors, you can narrow down your choices and select the perfect paver color for your space.

What is the Right Paver Surface Texture?

A courtyard of a business park with beige and gray pavers in a zig-zag pattern. The perimeter of the courtyard is covered to make a walkwayn.

Wausau Tile - Crosstown Center

The paver texture adds depth to your project. You might want a smooth texture in the area where you'll put a rug in the sitting area. Aim for more texture around your pool to avoid a slippery surface. If you're covering a large space, you may wish to consider various paver patterns and textures. This may help separate spaces for different activities like grilling, dining or socializing.

Different Paver Surfaces

  • Chiseled Edge: These pavers have clean lines and a more formal look.

  • Smooth: These pavers have a sleek, modern look because of their smooth surface.

  • Textured: These pavers have a rough surface, which is perfect for areas around pools because they provide traction and prevent slipping.

Wausau Tile Offers 5 Styles of Architectural Pavers

People like choices — here at Wausau Tile, we offer two different series of pavers, each with multiple color lines. Our four-color mixing process provides one-of-a-kind gradients and complete creative control over color palettes, including the ability to produce custom coloring for your pavers. In addition, you are able to choose the thickness, strength and surface textures of your paver.

  1. H-Series
  2. These pavers are various shades of gray. There are plants off to the side of the walkway.

    Wausau Tile - EcoPremier

    Our H-Series pavers offer more than 75 different molds and colors. These are manufactured in thicknesses ranging from 1 ? inch to 4 inches and strength ratings between 8,000 and 9,500 PSI (average) and in square, rectangle, paver and geo shapes.

  3. V- Series
  4. This city has a large area with black, speckled pavers. There are three flags in the distance with various buildings.

    Wausau Tile - Aurora

    Our V-Series pavers have a strength of 8,000 psi and include 20 distinct molds with more than 74 unique combinations of sizes and thicknesses to choose from, as well as a wide range of colors and styles, such as an exposed stone look. The V-Series is ideal for any paving need because it comes in a thickness of 1 ¾ inches to 3 inches.

  5. Thin Series
  6. A wide outdoor walkway with a dark brown abstract sculpture, a city skyline and a large bridge in the background. Concrete flower pots line the light brown tiles.

    Wausau Tile - River

    Don't let height limits get in the way of creating your ideal appearance. Our Thin Series pavers are 1-inch thick, making them convenient for those who don't want to go higher. They are lightly ground and blast finished and come in four standard sizes and 20 different colors. Only thin-set/mortar installation is recommended.

  7. Permeable Pavers
  8. Rectangular, gray permeable pavers are lined up next to rocks.

    Wausau Tile - V-Series Permeable

    Our Permeable pavers allow water to seep into the pavement and create runoff by filtering rainwater into the ground or to a retention pond. The permeable paver system is as durable and reliable as our other concrete pavers and comes in various V-Series and H-Series color choices.

  9. Detectable Warning ADA & Textured Pavers
  10. These directional and textured pavers are bright and yellow next to gray pavers.

    Wausau Tile - Directional & Tactile Pavers

    Our Detectable Warning ADA & textured architectural pavers" allow everyone to get around any area securely. Choose from truncated dome, directional or tactile architectural pavers to keep your transit stations, pedestrian crossings and all public areas safe and free of risks. These are available in various sizes and 12 distinct colors.

Wausau Tile Offers Impressive Paver Color Options

A plaza balcony with round stainless steel tables surrounded by stainless steel chairs. The ground Is paved with gray and tan tile.

Wausau Tile - EQT Plaza Balcony

Selecting the right paver color can be a daunting task. There are many factors to consider, such as what the space will be used for, the surface texture and the different series of pavers available.

To ensure you get pavers best-suited for your space, we offer various paver colors and styles to choose from and can produce almost unlimited custom colors. Contact us today and let us help you choose the right paver color for your next project.