White Plains Library Plaza

Multipurpose Precast Concrete 

White Plains, NY
Completed: September 2019


As a once unfavorable space, the White Plains Library Plaza has been transformed into a welcoming, urban environment in the city's Central Business District. With daily commuters, local residents and visitors from the surrounding courthouses, the plaza was designed to incorporate several different "rooms" to appeal to all. From a Children's Discovery Garden, to a Reading Grove, the 60,000 sq. ft. plaza was turned into a sustainable green space that encourages interactions with nature, as well as plenty of space for visitors to stretch their legs or enjoy the sunshine.

Wausau Tile's custom precast concrete was seamlessly integrated into the plaza's nature heavy designs. From the structured seat walls that surround the grassy knolls, to the walkway steps leading visitors from building to building, our precast concrete helps visitors navigate the plaza safely.

From uninspiring to inviting, the White Plains Library Plaza is sure to impress and bring visitors back to nature.


  • IQ Landscape Architects, P.C
  • The Consulting Engineers Group Inc.
  • Tony Casale Inc.
  • City of White Plains Department of Public Works