Art Climb

Step Into an Art Experience

Cincinnati, OH
Completed: Spring 2020


"Through the power of art, we contribute to a more vibrant Cincinnati by inspiring its people and connecting our communities.” Cincinnati Art Museum’s mission.

With over 300 custom pieces, this 450 foot climb brings art to the great outdoors. Located at the corner of Gilbert Avenue and Eden Park Drive, the Cincinnati Art Museum’s Art Climb is a scenic stairway that allows for additional access to the northern museum grounds. Complete with guiding lights, safety handrails and seating areas, Art Climb is not only a work of art, it is a community driven, interactive exhibit and has become one of the most highly visited places in the city this year.

Climbing the 100 foot elevation brings visitors to a large pavilion with amazing views of the city, along with several outdoor sculptures and the Cincinnati Art Museum which was originally built in 1886 and holds 67,000 works of art spanning 6,000 years. Bringing art to the outdoors of Cincinnati required a full team of contractors, designers, installers and architects, all who took precautions to retain as may trees as possible during the construction of Art Climb.

Wausau Tile is proud to have been a part this family-friendly, community-related outdoor exhibit that allows interactions, activities and art to the people of Cincinnati.


  • Turner Construction
  • Prus Construction
  • Oberson - Installer
  • Human Nature - Landscape Architect
  • Emersion - Architect
  • Strand Associates, Inc. - Civil Engineers
  • CMTA - Electrical and Lighting Engineers
  • All Photos © Ed Massery