Javits Convention Center

Beautiful Terrazzo Stairs on Display in the "Marketplace for the World”

New York, New York
Competed: January 2014


Located at the core of the hottest neighborhood on the planet, Manhattan's Javits Center is fulfilling its mission as the "Marketplace for the World.” Emphasizing its role as the country’s busiest convention center, the Javits Center recently completed a sweeping five-year, $460 million renovation noted for the construction of the 110,000-square-foot Javits North exhibit hall and installation of the largest green roof in the Northeast.

When architects FXFowle began plans to reconstruct Javits Center, they were set on a continuous terrazzo look moving from floor to floor. Wausau Tile custom precast terrazzo treads and risers made their vision a reality. The beautiful epoxy terrazzo is built to look great while withstanding the heavy traffic in Manhattan’s largest event space.


  • FXFowle
  • Wilkstone